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Pioneers in green energy

Pinnacle Energy Group llc is a premier energy provider and brokerage firm headquartered in Clearwater, FL. We provide low cost and affordable electricity, gas and solar energy to businesses and residential customers across the Continental United States. Our service area is located throughout the deregulated electricity market in the United States. Our clients are from small, medium, large, Commercial, Industrial and Residential. We believe nothing is too big or small.

We help businesses and residential energy consumers source their energy needs and realize the benefits of electricity and natural gas deregulation through low cost, competitive, transparent and affordable pricing rates and we equally provide renewable energy sources like solar energy. We pride ourselves in providing only top-shelf energy brokerage service to our customers offering straight talk and simple advice about low cost energy choices. We have access to the most competitive pricing rates the market has to offer. 

Pinnacle Energy Group llc is a one-stop electricity, solar energy  and gas procurement provider and energy brokerage firm with a wealth of knowledge in the energy market. We are committed to choosing a reliable and affordable energy provider simple and easy. Our mission is to simplify every consumer’s life by providing the best electricity , solar and natural gas rates, plan terms and renewable energy options. We leverage our extensive energy experience and expertise to deliver high quality service for homes and businesses across the deregulated energy market in the United States. We take comfort in knowing homes and businesses are getting the appropriate energy plans that are appropriate for their needs.

We offer turn-key, custom electric , solar and gas solutions that allow our commercial and residential customers to curb their energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your company to find the best available and alternative options to meet your specific alternative energy needs. Our service areas and markets for electric, solar and gas covers the following:  New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, For gas only, this includes areas Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Delaware, Michigan and California.

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We are more than just an Energy Consultancy company

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Pioneers in Green Energy

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